Thursday, August 27, 2015


I have moved!! This is a long time coming and will miss this little blog of mine.  It was just time to invest in a real website where I can post recent work & blog on the same site.  
You can find me over at! Thanks so much to all my sweet readers that read this crazy little blog of mine!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

AVERY \\ 9 month session

I was so excited to get to meet up with Avery & her sweet mama for her 9 month session last week.  I have decided she is a morning girl because she was all smiles for her 7:30 am session! 

Sunday, June 14, 2015

The peacefulness of an early morning on the beach

really makes me want to be a morning person.  I adore the morning light and truly like having a few more hours in my day but I do not normally just wake up early.  The quiet, still moments before the full swing of the day starts makes my heart so happy. 

I am so thankful that this morning I happened to get up about the same time the sun did! 

Since we were up so early Lauren and I decided to walk down to the beach and enjoy a cup of coffee together.  It was glorious.  The light was perfect & the company was sweet. 

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

// memorial weekend w/ the whole gang \\

Since I graduated on the Thursday before memorial day weekend and the whole family was coming into town it was the perfect time for a family trip to the lake.  It was so great.  We had all the cousins except one which is really great odds for us!  I am so thankful for the time we had together. 

All of the girl cousins receive handmade quilts from my nana when we graduate and I opened mine this past weekend and it is everything and more than I imagined! So beautiful!  This is one that her mom made years ago.  Many of the fabrics in the whole were old clothes of hers.  A gift I will treasure forever!

I also opened my senior scrapbook! My aunt has given each of us cousins that have graduated a scrapbook and needless to say I was so excited to get mine and look through it.  It is awesome.
 Aunt Becky you did a great job, I absolutely love it!!
  though it doesn't look that great, this is my papa making his famous fried chicken. 
holy moly this is the stuff of dreams.....once it is cooked that is
we played lots of games, card games, board games, and lots of games with this ball!!
 my papa is so proud of himself b/c he gave Conner a chicken leg
and to say the least Conner LOVED it
and the porch is the perfect gathering located! People just sorta migrate to the porch and so many great conversations have taken place on this porch!
 every sunny moment was spent outside because much of the weekend was rainy
 nana throw us the most epic tea party ever! it was so fun!
 that is one tired, clean baby there!
 That moment in the middle of family pictures our dog, daisy, marches her self directly in front of us and just lays down.  I mean really it happened! 
and then she poses.... really daisy you can't be serious!!