Friday, February 28, 2014

Final Four

Our girls basketball team has had an awesome season!  They pushed all season to get this far and we are so proud of those girls.  Last night they had the opportunity to play in the Final Four of State Tournament in Birmingham.  It was a sad loss for our girls but we are so proud they made it that far. 

Trinity showed up for that game!  SO many people were there.  Teachers, administers, coaches, students, families, graduates, and even a previous head master was there to support the girls.  It was pretty cool.




Sunday, February 23, 2014

burn baby burn

I love the lake.  
I love the slowness of the days.
 I love the lack of things to do. 
 I love the relaxing nature of being at the lake.  
I love everything about it.

 Basically its my happy place. 

We spent the weekend at my happy place! yay! It was great.  Just family - my parents, my sister, my grandparents.  Thats it! We had a bit of a work weekend.  But with the best weather to company it, it wasn't so bad.  We had to replace the sea wall, burn a stump in the ground, cut limbs of several trees, and a few other projects. 

Then we had to burn all the limbs that had been cut.  It was a huge bonfire. And in the process we pulled a ton of junk out of the boat house to burn also.  My mother also pulled a lot of stuff out the house and threw it down to be burn also.  Fun stuff. 

  Caught ya! Papa feeding Daisy people food! 

Such a good sight! Mom bringing lunch down to the dock! 

 It took quite some time to get the fire started.  With the help of some gas, and a whole phone book they did get it going! 

 He's proud of his fire. 
Though the old tubes being burnt had holes and were not useable any more, dad said "nothing like watching $250 tube burn in a fire!!" 

 In the end, the fire ended up being huge!  

 Nana made the best chicken salad for lunch! 

Nana said " I hope their done, YAY its done!!"