Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Monograms and Gifts

I have been so busy and my family and I have been out of town so much lately.  I have not been taking many orders just because I would not be able to fill them in a timely manner which honestley drives me crazy.  I have been babysitting a bunch, we have been at the lake and we went to Atlanta last week so I am just now getting around to some monogramming!  

These PFG shirts are SO cute as a cover-up and are very popular!  I have done so many of them, here are a few of the most recent ones I have done. The blue/green one I did for my sister and the white one,  my friend was giving it as a gift!  I just love them so much that I made myself one (not pictured). 

I did these "Turbie Twist", I think it was a graduation gift!  What a cute idea for a gift!  I just loved it.  When the lady for told me what she wanted, I really could not picture it in my mind but I think it turned out great!  My lovely mother modeling it for me! 

This is a burb cloth that I added a fabric down the middle with a monogram at the bottom.  The monogram is very hard to see, the customer asked for tone on tone but with the fabric that I chose it just did not show up very well.  But the customer loved it so all is well! 

One of my biggest fans, sweetest friends mom brought this cover up to me and asked me to monogram it for her daughter (my friend) and I think it turned out great!

My sister Lauren, her boyfriend's sister(got all that!) has a precious baby girl and this shirt was for her!  I think this shirt turned out awesome, personally I love the pink and green theme!! 


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sewing ~

I have always really enjoyed sewing.  I know the basics of sewing and I can follow a pattern but I would love to learn more especially how to sew heirloom dresses. Anyways it has been awhile since my sewing machine has even seen the light of day but since I had it out tonight I decided to try a onsie gown!  These are so so cute and really quite simple.  It was quick and easy!! 

 This a mens fishing shirt that girls wear as cover ups! I had monogrammed it for one of my best friends a while back and she was at our lake house on Saturday with it on, so I had to snap a pic!  I just love it! So so cute! 


Friday, June 7, 2013

Disney World

I love Disney World. Seriously it's the most magical place one Earth!!! Its just awesome! We left just two days after my older sister, Lauren graduated from high school!  She graduated on a Monday night and left that Wednesday for Paris, the same day the rest of the fam headed to Disney!  We went with my dad's cousin and her family, oh how I love these people! So sweet and caring yet so easy-going and laid back! Love that combination! We did character dining, water parks, and all 4 Disney parks, magic kingdom being my absolute favorite! I just love all the shows and parades in the magic kingdom! Here are a few pictures from the trip!

My dad snapped this pic on the very first day in the parks!  We went to Epcot on Thursday because we had dinner reservations in Canada in Epcot.  Yall that was BY FAR the best meal we had the whole week!  It was a steakhouse and man ole man it was good!!

Later that night Camilla and Watson got to try on the shirts 
I had made them. And they loved them!

The next day we did Animal Kingdom!  This might have been the hottest day but Animal Kingdom has a lot of shaddy area and some really great air conditioned shows! Including Finding Nemo!  We were all so impressed! It was seriously so so good!
 This was right before Mount Everest which I did not ride I sat with the kids while everybody else rode.  And really I am much happier with Watson and Camilla than on roller coasters!!
 We ate lunch in the park at a quick service but it was really different.  Not your typical hamburger and fries meal.  It was a chicken salad sandwich with apples and a unqiue but good salad with quinoa!! I like mixing it up sometimes!

The next day we went to Blizzard Beach, I have no pictures because I left my camera at the hotel. I was not taking any chances! Blizzard Beach was great fun! We did the family raft ride with everybody, and it was fun but Watson hated it and screemed the entire way down.  Meredith loves water slides and roller coasters, she loved all of the slides and I was happy to hang back at the baby pool with Watson and Camilla while she rode the big water slides!! We played in the wave pool for a while!  I had never been to blizzard beach but it was included in park passes and we had 6 days in the parks so we decided why no go! So that was really fun!

Then we did Magic Kingdom, and It is my fav fav fav!! I really love all the of shows, and parades and all the singing and dancing that you really do not get at the other parks!  We got up extra early this day to get to see the opening of Magic Kingdom, because that just as big a production as anything else!  I mean would expect anything less??!!  Its really pretty cool! The main street dancers come out and do a number the all of the characters ride in on the train then Mickey counts every one down and when they hit 0 fireworks go off and the gates open.
Right as we were walking into the park we caught the first main street show of the day!  
Such a pretty castle!  I took this picture while I was on the people mover(my FAV ride) all by myself!  My family went to ride space mountain, and yes I will ride space mountain but its not my favorite thing to get slung aroung up, down, left, right! Na! I'd much rather have a peaceful trip around Tomorrowland!  And thats what I did and now I have this pretty picture of the castle as a result!! 
My dad and Meredith walking from Splash Mountain!  They loved it and they didn't even get wet. Icing on the cake!

Yall the firework show and castle changing colors is gorgous!!

Then we did hollywood studios!! And this was us at the Muppets 3D show!!
Let me tell ya about this pricelessly adorable photo.  We were having dinner was sweet Watson was really tired and just was having the typical 1 year old issues.  He did not want the food his mom had gotten for him to eat, he really did not want to eat, he really just wanted this cake.  So they decided whatever we are on vacation ditch the dinner and give him the cake.  Well the gave it too him and he started with a spoon, and well that apparently just was not working.  The next thing we know Watson throws his spoon and goes in head first!! So SO glad I caught it!

After dinner we headed back to Hollywood Studios for Fantasmic! Which is just awesome everytime I see it!  Such a cool story line!
My parents as we were headed in for the night!

Then chef Mickey's and we were headed home!  I love chef Mickey's.  The food is delicious, the characters are great! Whats not to love?

~ Allison