Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Monograms and Gifts

I have been so busy and my family and I have been out of town so much lately.  I have not been taking many orders just because I would not be able to fill them in a timely manner which honestley drives me crazy.  I have been babysitting a bunch, we have been at the lake and we went to Atlanta last week so I am just now getting around to some monogramming!  

These PFG shirts are SO cute as a cover-up and are very popular!  I have done so many of them, here are a few of the most recent ones I have done. The blue/green one I did for my sister and the white one,  my friend was giving it as a gift!  I just love them so much that I made myself one (not pictured). 

I did these "Turbie Twist", I think it was a graduation gift!  What a cute idea for a gift!  I just loved it.  When the lady for told me what she wanted, I really could not picture it in my mind but I think it turned out great!  My lovely mother modeling it for me! 

This is a burb cloth that I added a fabric down the middle with a monogram at the bottom.  The monogram is very hard to see, the customer asked for tone on tone but with the fabric that I chose it just did not show up very well.  But the customer loved it so all is well! 

One of my biggest fans, sweetest friends mom brought this cover up to me and asked me to monogram it for her daughter (my friend) and I think it turned out great!

My sister Lauren, her boyfriend's sister(got all that!) has a precious baby girl and this shirt was for her!  I think this shirt turned out awesome, personally I love the pink and green theme!! 


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  1. You are a rock star!!!! You are so incredibly talented, Allison!