Saturday, February 1, 2014

Coffee and Old Folks

My sweet papa turned 75 today and we had to celebrate! This is my mom's dad, they live in town and we see them often.  I adore him. He is such a loving soul who always has a story to tell!  Whether its a story about his time spent in southern California fighting forest fires, or growing up with SO MANY siblings, there is always a interesting story to be heard.  If you listen carefully you will realize this is how he reveals himself and the things that stick out in his mind.  
My mom is the middle of three girls and there are 8 of us cousins.  The oldest cousin, Britney, just had her first born.  He was born at the end of December but since they live out of state lots of friends, and family members were had not gotten to meet him yet.  They were dying to meet baby Connor.  He is so dang cute, if I can say so myself! We had a big celebration today to celebrate the arrival of baby Connor, and my papa's 75th birthday! It was quite the day between sipping coffee with the old folks, and snuggling with a soft newborn!  

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