Monday, March 30, 2015

SPRING BREAK 2015 // Cancun

We just got home from an awesome trip to Cancun, Mexico.  It was fabulous.

  Sleep, Eat, Beach, Repeat.

That is pretty much how trip looked but Meredith and my dad went and did a few more adventurous things.  I think they zip lined, swan in caves, went snorkeling, and a few other things.  Meanwhile my mom and I were quite content to lay-out by pool and drink yummy drinks!! 

One day we took a ferry from Cancun to a small island called Isla Mujeres.  Isla Mujeres is a beautiful, tiny island off the coast of Cancun.  The main source of transportation on the island is golf carts.  We rented one for the day so we could drive around and see all the sites of the island. 

Soft smiles for Mexican food in Mexico!
We ate at this restaurant twice over the course of the week, it was by far our favorite! 
Such a fun atmosphere!  Our favorite waitress, Victoria, was awesome.  She was so fun and is very talented.  She always carried out the drinks on her head! 
She made us Banana Flambe at the table for dessert! 
Oh it was so good!

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