Saturday, May 23, 2015

lake day w/ FRIENDS

The day before graduation all of our friends got together for one last lake day as high schoolers.  As happy was I am to be done with high school I am also very sad. Not the least bit sad about being down with school but mainly I am sad to say goodbye to the daily lunches with these girls, and hanging out during break, sitting outside in the courtyard, and honestly just seeing everybody everyday. The whole not being together everyday is the part that makes my heart hurt! But we are all so excited about this next chapter in our lives, college will be awesome but for now I will just be happy to be done with high school and sad to say goodbye to seeing all my friends daily. 

We had the best day
 laying out, 
eating chicken salad, 
chasing ducks,
falling off floats,
 and getting ready to graduate!

Holy cow we graduated! I never thought we would make it!

 mc almost took a tumble 
 no worries yall, she's okay!
my girl hp
oh e, you make me smile

Peace out high school, parts of you will be me that is, if no one else!! 

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