Thursday, July 25, 2013

A whole bunch of cuteness!!

Well between the lake, the beach, VBS, babysitting and everything else I have been so busy and have not had time to updated the blog.  So this post is going to be kinda long with a bunch of pics!!

Two pocket tees for some sweet sisters! 

These are beach chair towels.  The towels that go over the back of the chair! SO CUTE!

Monogrammed Nikes!  Who wouldn't want their shorts monogrammed?!?!

Two tanks.  The perfect over up - a simple tank with a monogram!!

The circle patch is so cute!  Its similer to the pocket but just a different shape.  I like these better I think!  
This was a birthday gift for my cousin!!  I think she will love it!

This circle patch is for a sweet friend from church!

And couple of pocket tees.

These next two are for ME!! Its crazy I never do anything for myself but I needed a cover up and then I found this super soft tshirt with a pocket.  So I put a monogram on both!!

I made this onesie gown for a a friend from church who just has a new baby!  
AHH sweetness.


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  1. Could you be any more talented??? These all look fantastic, Allison!