Thursday, September 12, 2013


I really hate school.  It takes up WAY to much of my day and leaves me with VERY little time to do the things that I actually like to do.   So finally I got a few things done!! YAY!

Simple pocket tee.  I must say I LOVE this color combination.  Maybe may fav ever!! 

These pajama bottoms were brought to me and had a large messed up monogram that looked like someone had tried to it pull out.  So they wanted a new correct monogram and I had to cover up the old one.  I went with a patch.  I think it turned out cute.  Who wouldn't want monogramed pajama pants?!? 

My cousin is pregnant with her first child and leaves 5 hours away from me.  So I had to mail her a little gift because I am so sticking excited!!! This is a simple, super soft blue blanket with a brown monogram.  Cant wait to meet Baby Connor!!

Simple new house gift for my aunt.  A little hand towel for her kitchen!

And a baby gift.  This may be the softest minky blanket ever!! So precious. 

~ Allison 

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