Thursday, October 24, 2013

Appliques and Monograms!!

WOW!  Its been a busy around here lately!  I have got to share a few very cute things that have I done recently!!  

An applique "raggy" cross this design is from Appliqué Cafe! 

              This is a cute little red and green dress for Christmas and I added a 
green monogram to the lower right corner.  Super cute.

I added a pink monogram to the top of this adorable layered dress. 

These were all for one cute little girl, Anne Rollins, our families are family friends. 

This was 3 dollar shirt from Walmart brought to me and I added a simple 2 circle appliqué with monogram.  Simple but adorable. 

Got to have a little orange and blue.  War Eagle. 

And a red and green shirt for Christmas time.  Ahhh I love Christmas.....cant wait!!! 

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