Friday, April 25, 2014


Easter weekend was relaxing, super fun and picture perfect. Well almost, and it totally would have been but we didn't even take one family picture. Not one.  And honestly that hurts my heart a little bit.  Meanwhile my sister could careless! Oh my how were different! 

We began the weekend on Good Friday with a service of darkness at our church.  The next morning we headed over to Auburn for ADAY!  Had a blast and I really love not having to worry about losing either way Auburn wins and that makes me happy.  We went to church Sunday morning and to nana's for lunch. Oh my heavens she makes a mean Easter lunch.  My mouth is watering a little bit thinking about it now.... and yes I'm still mad we didn't even get one family picture.  
Please don't remind me. 

Y'all this girl can make some serious facial expressions.

Nana always sets up her table so nicely.  For a minute I don't want to put anything on the plate because it will mess it up but then I am always, with out fail, persuaded by the yummy food in front of my plate. And therefore mess my plate up with a whole lot of deliciousness.

Happy Easter Everyone!! 

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