Friday, May 30, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend {at the lake}

HOLLA! Cause it is summer!! WHOOP WHOOP! 

I just got home from a week spent at the lake, can I just say it was amazing.  We spent hours laying on the dock, riding on the boat, cooking some really good food, and enjoying a lot of down time.  Since it was a holiday weekend we had a few, well actually a whole bunch, of family up at the lake house for the weekend.  It is always fun getting everybody together.  

 I am just saying I really like the ratio of potatoes to asparagus on my plate there.  
I have been trying to capture her "doggy dives" off the dock for a long time.  Its not easy because its so random and we never know when she is going to do it.  But I am pretty thankful that I caught it! 

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