Tuesday, May 20, 2014

so so close

We went to the lake on Thursday through Monday for a long weekend.  Let me tell you it was glorious except for the fact that I had to study.  I keep trying to pretend its summer for me but its not. I still have to take one more exam but since both of my sister are finished, and out for summer, it feels a lot like summer around our house!  

It was perfect weather this weekend, not to hot with a slight breeze but sunny! We spent most days outside all day, but I have yet to venture into the water,  it is still very cold but hopefully by next weekend it will be swimmable! 

Somebody is officially a licensed boater! 

Her first wave runner ride as a licensed driver didn't go so well....ya know that happens when you hop on a wave runner that doesn't have any gas in it and you forget to get the key.  Thats a newbie for ya!
 Oh the feeling of a gassed up wave runner with a key...pure joy!

Y'all getting the tube from the boat house to the back of the boat it quite the challenge.  It is one of those things we all fight over having to do.  Because balancing on that tiny plank of wood on the side of the boat lift is not fun! But is always entertaining watching someone else do it....

This dog could swim for days, my favorite is watching her jump off the dock into the water and take off swimming.  She's pretty awesome.

Dinners by the lake are the best.

Papa doesn't look real thrilled about getting on the waver runner with Mere, he's a good sport!! 

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