Saturday, May 4, 2013

Youth Missions BBQ!

I cant believe its already the first weekend in May! Oh My Goodness time is flying! Every year, the first weekend in May, the youth group at my church puts on a BBQ.  The BBQ is a fundraiser for missions and missions trips. They said this morning that this was the 23rd year we have done it!  Its an amazing production, from start to finish, runs like a well oiled machine. It is so cool to see how the Lord uses something as simple as a BBQ to further his kingdom. 

Meredith and Annie at the BBQ. 

 "the line" The production line is an assembly 
line where we make the BBQ plates.

 Lauren working hard on the line plating coleslaw.
 Meredith on the line.
 This picture cracks me up!!  The BIG people in charge must be having a deep conversation.  They have the exact pose going on. Ha! Thats pretty funny. 
~ Allison

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