Thursday, December 26, 2013

{a very merry time}

A very merry time has been had by all!  This might have been the most relaxing few days leading up to Christmas ever!  I love Christmas so much for a million reasons.  I mean who doesn't love Christmas?!?! It's awesome! You get yummy food, time with family, great gifts seriously whats not to love!  Its a time of celebration of Christ's birth. I mean how cool is it that so many people have birthday parties for Christ!  People all over the world celebrate Christ's birth. Thats pretty awesome.  

This was on Christmas Eve Eve or Christmas Adam. Whichever.  I had a slice of chocolate cake and milk for dessert and with the tree behind it was just a pretty sight. 

We basically laid around.....

...and baked on Christmas Eve!  

It was heavenly! The whole family. All 5 of us.  We all just spent time together!! This angel comes out every year at Christmas time but I had really never taken the time to notice her.  And this year she became one of my most favorite Christmas decorations in our house!  And since I am totally obsessed with Christmas Tree bokeh I had to take her picture with the tree behind her. 

Christmas Eve Candle Light Service could possibly be my favorite Christmas tradition!  I just love it.  Something about everybody in a packed sanctuary holding up a lit candle. It gets to me. 
Really I love it! 

My sweet mama and daddy! 

Cousin Loving

My cutie pie sissy. Isn't she adorable?! I sure think so!

We have the most delicious brunch at my Nana's house every year.  This is my moms side of the family.  I seriously look forward to this brunch all year long.  My mouth is watering thinking about it! 

Next stop Dothan!  Just under a 2 hour drive to my dad's side of the family! 

Happy Birthday Jesus! 

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