Friday, December 20, 2013

beautiful chaos

This week kicked my butt!  This was our last week of school before Christmas break.  I really was not sure I was going to make it through!  I'm telling ya exams are hard and tiring and just a royal pain in my side.  On top of exams, I have had a whole ton of orders for Christmas that I needed to get done.  I found myself extremely stressed and tired.  I am happy to announce to y'all that I made it through the week alive. WOOHOO!  I mean thats a real accomplishment folks! 

Y'all we serve an incredible God.  He reveals himself to me in new ways all the time.  I was in the kitchen the other night baking and my mom said "girls come quick!".  My sisters and I found her on the front porch with this beautiful sunset directly in front of her. 

It was an INCREDIBLE sunset!  I mean it was breathtaking.  My pics just do not do it justice.  It was awesome.  I just am so amazed by our God.  In the middle of a very hectic, busy, and chaotic week He says slow down and see my glory.  Slow down just for one second and see my beauty and find rest in me.  I love it.  

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